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Note: On this page, we will discuss primitive cultures that had advanced astronomical knowledge that we cannot logically explain; given that many of these cultures state unequivocably that the knowledge was given to them by extraterrestrial visitors, you may be interested in our "Ancient Astronauts" page in the UFO section.


Sumerian TabletAncient Sumeria was a civilization which appeared “full bloom”- meaning they appeared without any precursor or more primitive civilization. That, though curious in and of itself, is not the most unusual aspect of ancient Sumer. Not only did Sumerians have a complicated law system (including juries), medicine (including invasive procedures), ships and navigation, but more remarkably, an amazingly advanced knowledge of astronomy. They knew the earth revolved around the sun, and they knew about all the planets in our solar system- even Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, which were not discovered by modern day science until 1781, 1846, and 1930! See tablet to right. (Webmaster note: Please note that there is arguments between scientists as to whether or not the tablet truly represents the solar system. For more research on the tablet, google "Cylinder seal VA 243". Regardless of whether or not this tablet represents our solar system, the Sumerians did know of all the planets in our solar system.) As a matter of fact, not only did they know about all the planets in the solar system, but they knew of one more- and in 1983, scientists announced their belief that there was a planet beyond Pluto. Even more astonishing is the fact that they even knew the nature of these planets- for example, they knew that Neptune was mostly water. So, how did they know?

[Note: The Sumerians clearly state their source of knowledge- extraterrestrials from a 12th planet, which has an elliptical orbit of 3600 years. Of course, archaeologists dismiss this claim. . For more information on the amazing Sumerians, see Zecharia Sitchin's Earth Chronicles series referenced on the links page.]


The Dogons are a tribe of West Africa, who have a long and rich oral tradition. Amazingly, they knew that Sirius was a double star- despite the fact that Sirius is not visible to the naked eye. They also knew that that Sirius B had an elliptical orbit of fifty years, and that it was "the heaviest thing in the universe" [a pretty good description of a collapsed dwarf star, which modern astronomers have only recently discovered.] The Dogons also knew that Saturn has rings, Jupiter four moons, and that our moon was arid. Modern astronomers have only recently “discovered” these facts, with our advanced technology (telescopes and unmanned satellites); how then, did a primitive tribe like the Dogons know? The Dogons clearly state the source of their knowledge- they claim extraterrestial visitors, called the Nommos (beings that looked something like fish). The Nommos, who said they were from a star in the Sirius system, came to earth in a spinning ship that landed with great noise. They spoke of the spinning ship as falling to earth from the third star of the Sirius system. Of course, archaeologists dismiss their claim while at the same time marveling at their knowledge.

Note from the webmaster: Skeptics like to dismiss the Dogon knowledge based upon cultural contamination by whites. However, the timeline simply proves that wrong. An expedition in 1907 clearly documented the dogon knowledge about Sirius B. Two French anthropologists (Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen) also visited between 1931 and 1950 and documented the same. The western world did not even prove and photograph Sirius B until 1970, and didn't discover other facts about it (such as it being a dwarf star and its orbit) until even much later. Regarding the possible third star the Dogons spoke of, in 1995, Daniel Benest and J.L.Duvent published a paper in the prestigous journal "Astronomy and Astrophysics" called "Is Sirius a Triple Star?" So, sorry skeptics, you'll have to a better job than that to try and dismiss the Dogon knowledge.


The Maya's grasp of astronomy and mathematics is legendary. For example, they knew of and named the Scorpion- a star cluster containing a comet, which could not be seen with the naked eye. They were also advanced enough that they were able to precisely calculate the exact number of days in the solar year- 365.2420 (as compared to our 365.2422).


The Hopi tribe have a legend that explains the death of the second world. There were supposedly two twins, Poqanghoya and Plongawhoya, who were guardians of the north and south axes of the world. They were ordered by Sotuknang, a nephew of the Creator, to abandon their posts since people had become evil. This would allow the destruction of the second world, and allow a new world to form. According to the legend, when the twins left their posts, the world went crazy in space. The earth ended up changing shape, creating a new axis, and thus the third world was formed. This story is interesting, since it shows that the Hopi tribe knew not only that the earth was round, but that it had axis- a discovery we've made only in recent times.

Another interesting legend, as told in "Book of the Hopi" by Frank Waters, regards the ending of the third world. As people became more materialistic, they invented patuwvotas (aircraft) to attack and destroy each other's cities. Eventually, continents sank, the "land and sea" changed places, leaving the third world on the ocean floor. This legend is interesting in that aircraft are mentioned, and in a military sense- what would give the Hopi inspiration for this?