Human Remains

Misc Remains. There have been numerous pieces of human remains found in coal. This is significant, since coal formed during the Carboniferous period- 280 to 345 million years ago. If so, man must be older than the 1 million year old date given by scientists. Here are a few items[1]:

  • A fossilized human skull was found in coal that was sold in Germany (mid-1800s).
  • A jawbone of a child was found in coal in Tuscany (1958).
  • Two giant human molars were found in Montana (1926).
  • A human leg was found by a West Virginia coal miner. It had changed into coal.
  • A fossilized human skeleton excavated from a mine in Italy in 1959 was surrounded by strata whose age was calculated in millions of years.

Here are a few famous cases covered in depth:

PA Coal Skull

Castenedolo Skull

African Skeleton