Human footprints, ranging between 3–600 million years old, have been found in numerous rock formations around the world- including Utah, Kentucky, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Tanzania. While some have been dismissed as hoaxes, many have been validated and carbon-dated by scientists (and classified as "problematica").

  • Permian Footprint in New Mexico (Dated 290 to 248 million years ago, validated by Smithsonian)
  • Carboniferous Footprint in Utah (Dated 355 to 290 million years ago)
  • Jurrasic Footprints in Turkmenistan (Dated 195 to 145 million years ago)
  • Laetoli Footprints (Dated at 3.7 million years)
  • Triasic Footprint in Nevada (Dated approximately 200 million years ago)
  • A print of a ribbed sole of a shoe or sandal found in sandstone rock under the Gobi Desert is thought to have been made several millions years ago.
  • More Footprints!

    Then there are the human footprints that have been found along with dinosaur footprints. See the "Dinosaur/Human Footprints" section.