Chinese Pyramids

Shanxi Province

Chinese PyramidsThere is a pyramid “Complex” near Taiyuan Space Center in Shanxi Province- there are nearly 70 pyramids, with pyramids laid out in a eerily similar pattern to the pyramids at Giza. No one knows when, or why, they were built.

Shensi Province

There is another pyramid located in the Shensi province of China. First reported by the Rocky Mountain News on March 31, 1947, it was photographed by aviator Maurice Sheahan, with the accompanying text:

“The giant pyramid reported discovered by an American aviator flying over Shensi Province in China is in a land of pyramids, the heart of ancient Chinese civilization.

If the pyramid is located by exploring parties on the ground, it probably will never rival the famous pyramids of Egypt as a tourist sight. The Chinese pyramids of that region are built of mud and dirt and are more like mounds than the pyramids of Egypt, and the region is little traveled.

American scientists who have been in the area suggest that the height of 1000 feet, more than twice as high as any of the Egyptian pyramids, may have been exaggerated, because most of the Chinese mounds of that area are built relatively low.”

Chinese PyramidThe location, reported 40 miles southwest of Sian, is in an area of great archaeological importance, but few of the pyramids have ever been explored. In the same area but east of the tombs of the kings or em- Sian, ancient capital of several Chinese dynasties, is the pyramid believed to be the tomb of Ch’in Shih Huang-ti, the emperor who built the Great Wall of China some 2200 years ago. Best estimates are that the newly "discovered" pyramid is at least 2000 years old.