What's Your Favorite OOP?

What's Your Favorite OOP?

What's your favorite OOP and why? I myself have a hard time deciding between the South American Jet, the Permian footprints, the maps, and Phobos 2 satellite attempts. What's yours?

Megalithic Battle Grounds

I think megalithic sites were ancient battlegrounds. The stones themselves resemble lines of soldiers, standing abreast and in rows. Often the broadest plateau of the stones were oriented to provide the largest surface area of coverage from incoming weapons. Archers could still shoot out between and duck to safety. Angles in dolmens could also then be explained as fox holes in the face of an arched enemy whose weapon would be launched on an arched trajectory. Covered in earth and grass they would have provided camouflaged areas to lay in ambush . Return fire could be shot out from behind metholithic lines which make for formidable shields. Semi-circle configurations provide a cone shaped field of defense against invaders. They were often placed along ridges and slopes of shorelines. Notches and holes might also have been used as sites for aiming and protection simultaneously. In essence they were fox holes and trenches.

We have all been listening to way too much enya!!

Favorite OOP

My favorite OOP is - don't laugh - the Giza Great Pyramid. It just occured to me that it might be even two whole civilizations old by the time the Pharoah Khufu got a hold of it.

And I wonder if the the copper electrodes, referred to as door handles in the blocked passage, were part of a refit by a later civilization, one after the original society but before the modern. I define anything modern to be any time within the past 5000 years.

With the off and on occupation of the Giza plateau over the ages we're going to see plenty of different dates.


Wow...there've been so many that I read and wrote about. One of my favorites that couldn't be verified was the entire cavern oops supposedly in the Grand Canyon. I was written up in a newspaper, then things got crazy and then nothing was ever heard about it ever again. According to legend, though, there was basically entire cities set up for survivors of something in the Grand Canyon. I used to write a newsletter that covered such things. Here is a link to an image on my pretty much defunct website:

There's the image. You can't read that one---that happened when I moved my site for some reason and I can no longer find the original. It was ages ago. Here is the transcript of the newspaper article:


It was written in 1909, so the text is a bit weird, but I kept it completely intact from the article. I've just signed up, so I need to go cruise around your site and see what I can see. But there's been some interesting things out there that I've been reading about for decades... :)


PS---don't sign up for the newsletter, it's no longer being written.

when giants walked the earth

one of the most interesting topics of forbidden history is the evidence for giants. a number of indian burial sites excavated in north america revealed the remains of individuals 8-12 feet tall... in some cases, with 2 rows of teeth.
scattered across north america, there seem to have been more than a half dozen individual sites referred to. naturally, the remains were lost or scattered, the evidence discredited even though some of the finds were made by eminant scientists and the field work and recording was done to standard.
a search for the topic leads to a good deal of discussion. my favorite book touching on the topic is jim brandon's weird america.

out of place possible alien civilization!

a catagory all it's own... thanks very much for putting up your site, good luck!

under your catagory of space oddities, perhaps you'd like to list the so-called ringmakers of saturn, the limited but fascinating evidence of enormous craft in the solar system. the starting point would be dr norman bergrun's book and website by that name. googling the topic will lead you to many interesting leads, including a connection to the craft appearantly photographed by the russian phobos 2 probe...

again, thanks!

RE: Cycles

I fully concur with your opinion. After reviewing all the evidence, the only rational explanation is that mankind has been around a LOT longer than currently admitted to, and that previously, high levels of civilization has been reached but destroyed either through natural or man-made disasters. I think we have gone through these types of cycles at least 4 times, possibly 5, based upon various artifacts and native oral histories. The problem is getting both mainstream scientists and the population at large to accept that, since all our theories are based upon the gradual evolutionary theory (both physical and sociological). Unfortunately, (and a great deal of blame for this goes to our disintegrating level of quality education), people refuse to think for themselves and prefer to regurgitate what they're told.


I have always felt that we've been around far longer than science apparently admits. And I'm pretty sure that there are people who actually know the truth. Asimov's "Foundation" series is a very good example of how I think it works, and there are the members of that Foundation who feed it back to us as we become capable of understanding. But we, foolishly, have done it to ourselves time and time again.

And then we look at the way society is engineered by the rulers. I think back to the way the school systems wanted us to learn, the way we were inspired to think. And now I look at the "feel good" way that our children today are programmed, and the way excellence is stifled except in expensive "schools for the gifted", who are probably also being somewhat programmed to rule.

There's more to this than we know.

RE: Sherry, They did indeed go

Naked Dog- thank you very much for the reference! Most people think that, even though the origin and purpose of the pyramids is controversial, we at least know the insides and out of the pyramids- yet nothing else is furthest from the truth! There are huge sections of the pyramids that simply haven't been investigated due to logistics even though sounding indicates empty spaces, i.e. rooms. Investigations and new discoveries continue.

Sherry, They did indeed go


They did indeed go through the door in the Great Pyramid, although they did not open it - the block was dropped into place from above and the only way to open it would be to disassemble half of the pyramid. There is also the problem of actually getting a human body to go 208 feet up a 8" square shaft...

They drilled through the door and sent a fiber optic camera through the hole, discovering a rough-hewn blocking stone about 7" behind it. You can read about it, and the other doors that have been discovered, at the National Geographic website here:


Yes and to think of a range

Yes and to think of a range of 200 - 300 million years that our ancestors were here puts me in awe of our long history. As quickly as the Industrial Revolution popped up, makes it clear to me that we had to have had high technology in our ancient past, probably multiple times. We know so little about our history.

Since I've been researching this and thinking about this a lot recently, it makes me a bit sad that all that we've accomplished, could be wiped out. I've been appreciating people and our a way of life a lot more!

Sherry's Favorite OOP

I hadn't heard that about the Great Pyramid, but can probably google to find out.

I agree with your point about dinosaurs and humans coexisting at one point. There's just too much evidence, from footprints to drawings. Notice too, that many of the OOPs regarding human presence, are pretty consistent in indicating an age of 200-300 million years? Consistency is an indication you are on the right path. Just like finding these artifacts worldwide.

Thanks for your response!

Favorite OOP

Yes, these are all good and exciting! :)

One that was exciting was in one of the Great Pyramids. I was reading a book in the 90's and it said there appeared to be a tiny door up one of the shafts and they were given permission to send a robot up to investigate. It filmed a a latch I believe on it and they were going to open the door, but the next day, the Egyptians shut them down and wouldn't allow it. How frustrating!

Have you heard of this or know if anyone ever investigated what was there?

I'm also interested in the human and dinosaur footprints. I believe we were around at the time of the dinosaurs and that our dragon legends come from that. How about the recently found "creator map"? Amazing!