According the current evolutionary theory, the oldest known ancestor of man [hominid] is Sahelanthropus tchadensis (which appeared between 6-7 million years ago)[1] and the first "modern" form of man, Homo sapiens, appeared about 195,000 years ago[2]. The earliest known recognized civilization is considered Sumer, from either 6,000 BC or 3,000 BC (depending on which date accepted).[3]

It becomes clear however, to the dedicated who research the subject, that this view of history is blatantly and unquestionably wrong. This site is dedicated to be a repository for the numerous "out-of-place" artifacts that have been discovered. (If you know of one I don't have, including creditable verification, please let me know!) "Out-of-place" artifacts are those items that, according to our tenets of evolutionary science and historical theory, simply should not exist; typically they are items too advanced for the level of civilization that we believe existed at the time, or items that indicate human presence far before humans were supposed to exist.

This website exposes these artifacts, and concludes that: 1) man is far older than believed, 2) man has been civilized far longer than previously thought, 3) man has previously achieved a civilization equal to (and in some cases greater than) that currently achieved, and 4) there has previously been global catastrophes that has regressed civilization. We understand that this will be hard for some to accept, given what is currently being espoused by science. However, these conclusions are inevitable given the evidence; we cannot ignore evidence simply because it runs counter to our theories.

Mainstream Reaction

When confronted with these items, mainstream scientists immediately jump to the conclusion that they must be hoaxes, or assume that there "must" an error with the carbon dating. In some cases, they refuse to even LOOK at the evidence, claiming that it "must" be a hoax- solely because it contradicts their fundamental theories and beliefs about human evolution. This is NOT the reaction of a responsible scientist! Yet the probability that ALL validated artifacts are a result of incorrect carbon dating is impossible, given these artifacts are in multiple areas of study, of different types, and found worldwide.

Even after the artifacts' authenticity is verified beyond doubt, mainstream scientists simply classify it as 'problematica" and ignore it. (A prime example are the Permian footprints- authenticated and validated at over 280 MILLION years old, and even acknowledged by the prestigious Smithsonian.) They want you to ignore these artifacts as anamolies, but there is an awful lot to ignore! They cannot acknowledge these artifacts, because to do so would acknowledge that our theories of evolution and history are wrong and needs to be thrown out the window.

It's not just inexplicable artifacts they ignore, but knowledge too. The Dogon tribe in Africa somehow knew about the Sirius system, despite the fact it can't be observed with the naked eye. They knew it was a double star, Sirius B's orbit length, and more. However, at the same time marveling at the knowledge the Dogons had, scientists chose to ignore the Dogon's own explanation for how they knew this information- that extra terrestials visited and taught them. The same applies to the Sumerians. They knew amazing facts about our solar system that we didn't discover until the last 150 years, and state that they were taught by heavenly visitors too. Yet no reputable scientist wants to talk about these cultures explanation for their knowledge, even if they are willing to acknowledge the advanced knowledge.

The reaction of the average non-scientific person is that, "If there was a lost civilization, then there should be alot more evidence left all over the world!" However, consider this: According to a special done by National Geographic, it is believed that if our population were to suddenly drop to as low as 100 million worldwide, perhaps through a plague, nature would destroy about 80% of everything we've built in just 300 years! This doesn't include any global catastrophe events such as war or meteor strike; in that event, you could expect it to happen sooner than 300 years. Sobering? Then imagine how little would be left after thousands of years.


Accordingly, any archeologist or scientist who values their reputation or the respect of their colleagues does not investigate (or highlight) these artifacts; more importantly, they are not free to present an alterative theory to accomodate the new evidence for fear of being labeled a "crockpot" or worse. The status quo is thus maintained, and these artifacts are ignored, with research or new theories being essentially forbidden. Hence the name of this site.


If taken seriously, these artifacts would destroy several fundamental theories in the realms of evolutionary science, geology, modern dating, and more. In the end analysis, it is clear that our understanding of and theories about history and evolution is wrong. The question is when mainstream science will admit it.