Top Verified UFO Sightings

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The purpose of this site is not to discuss UFOs or the existence/visitation of extraterrestrial life; the focus is solely on man only, with UFOs touched on only on the possibility that some events may be remnants from a previous age when man had space capability.

However, in the course of research on problematica, some unusual UFO cases have been encountered. This information is provided for the reader's pleasure only, as a courtesy, and is not to be considered as an endorsement by this site or construed as an opinion on the UFO controversy.


99.99% of all supposed UFO sightings/events are of dubious validity- usually witnessed by one or two people, with either no evidence or vague, fuzzy photos/footage from which nothing conclusive can be determined.

However, there are a handful of cases which have:
1. Been witnessed by numerous people, including highly qualified and applicable experts.
2. Copious amounts of clear and authenticated evidence which is undisputed.
3. Investigated by the appropriate authority, and determined to have no known cause.

The following is a brief summary of the top 5 of these type of cases; the reader is encouraged to do further research on their own and to form their own opinion.


1. Phoenix Lights (1997). (Summary: An enormous craft with numerous lights, estimated to be the size of a football field, was seen from 730-1030pm, witnessed by thousands of people and captured by news agencies. Seen by Gov Symington and investigated by Councilwoman Barwood. Initially, it was believed that a military exercise involving flares was involved, but the military admitted it couldn't have been their flares- the flares weren't released until 930pm (when the event started at 730pm), flares can’t fly horizontally and for over an hour, and the aircraft landed BEFORE the end of the event. The military also denied that any other operation of theirs could be responsible; plausible as it is unlikely that classified aircraft would be tested during prime time and over the 6th largest US city.)

2. Chicago O'Hare Event (2006). Summary: A hovering object was witnessed during the day by passengers, mechanics, pilots, and air traffic controllers. Many took cell phone pictures of it. The FAA did a comprehensive investigation and concluded that they didn't know WHAT was hovering over the airport, but determined that it wasn't anything of ours.

3. Rendlesham Forest Incident (1980). (Summary: A landed UFO was reported by a U.S. security patrol near the East Gate of RAF Woodbridge. They investigated, took detailed notes (which have been made available), and actually touched the craft before it took off. 2 days later, the craft returned; the base's Deputy Commander (Lt Col Halt) was called and witnessed it too. He took audio tape recordings (also available). Risking ridicule, their security clearances, and in the case of Lt Col Halt his command, all came forward with their story. At the time, Lt Col Halt even wrote an official memo to his leadership detailing what occurred (also available). Though all involved were interviewed by unknown suited civilians, Lt Col Halt and the others claim they were never debriefed (which is why they are able to discuss). All have since been interviewed on the Larry King Live show.)

4. Phobos 2 Probes Destruction (1989/1992). (Summary: Phobos is a strange moon of Mars. Joseph Shklovskii [Soviet Academy of Science] and the famous Dr Carl Sagan once calculated from the estimated density of the Martian atmosphere and the peculiar acceleration of Phobos, that the satellite must be hollow. In 1988, the Russians launched 2 unmanned satellite probes (Phobos 1 and 2) towards Mars to investigate Phobos. However, both were inexplicably "lost" a few short months later, but not until some astonishing footage had been received- *clear evidence of unnatural formations and sighting of a possible space ship or missile mere moments before contact was lost*. In 1992, NASA launched the "Mars Observer" with the intention of a 2-year mapping survey of Mars. Yet within 3 days of its arrival, it too was "lost"...)

5. Astronaut Sightings. (Summary: Numerous astronauts have reported seeing UFOs and structures on the moon. Gordon Cooper, Mercury astronaut, wrote an autobiography and went on numerous interviews detailing his UFO encounter. After his experience, he became an ardent UFO supporter, and even wrote a letter to the UN in 1978 on the subject.)