Amazing and Unexplainable Maps

There have been discovered numerous maps which boggle the mind- they contain information that simply is incompatible with commonly accepted theories of evolution and history. For example, several of these maps accurately depict coastlines of Antarctica and North America from tens of thousands of years ago, centuries before we supposedly "discovered" these continents! Further, not only do these maps contain this knowledge, but they are evidence of a past where man apparently was capable of global travel- which the map makers admit, stating they are based on older source maps from a distant past where man knew "all of the earth".

These maps have been validated, (to include by the US government!), and archaeologists simply have no explanation. However, if you accept the premise of this site, they are easily explained- evidence (such as these maps) clearly prove that man is far older, and has been civilized far longer, than archeology and evolutionary science claim.


Piri Re'is


Oronteus Finaeus

Hadji Ahmed

Russian Map of Creator

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Myths of Surveyors. On top of these maps, are the oral traditions of various peoples[1]:

  • India: People in India knew of faraway England as "the Island of the White Cliffs". Their Vishnu Purana describes Europe, as well as the Americas and North Plar zone.
  • Ireland: The Irish have legends that Ireland was visited by men from India, called the Dravidians, who came as surveyors.
  • Maya: The Maya of Guatemala divided a spherical world into five major continents: Africa, Europe-Asia, North and South America, and Australia.
  • Greece: In second century Greece, Flavius Philostratus wrote about how land was less than water on earth- something that could only be known through a survey.
  • China: The Fourth Book of Shan Hai King from 2250 BC has four sections where it describes mountains located beyond the Eastern Sea- on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. This geographical survey describes, in great detail, the topography of western and central North America. Amazingly enough, it even describes black opals and gold nuggets in Nevada, and seals in San Francisco. The 9th and 14th books even describe the Grand Canyon!

Conclusion. As put concisely by the US Government's Cartographic section, the knowledge contained in these maps is incompatible with the state of known cartograpy/geography of the period.[2] The authors of these maps freely admitted that they were drawn from earlier source maps. We can draw certain conclusions from these maps[1]:

1. At some time in the past, man had a comparable cartography with what we have only recently developed.

2. Ancient man knew the correct shape and size of the earth.

3. In antiquity, man utilized spherical trigonometry in their mathematical measurements.

4. Prehistoric man used ultra-modern methods of projection (exact coordinates).

5. Ancient man had advanced geodetic instruments to measure longitude and latitude- completely lost and not developed in the modern world until the end of the eighteenth century.

6. In antiquity, they were organized on a global scale- someone undertook a global survey at least 5,000 years ago.

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For more maps and information, see:
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